Crucial Dental Cleanings & Exams

It goes without saying that most people do not list “dental exams” in their top ten favorite recreational activities. Few habits, however, would rank higher in effectiveness for helping maintain a bright and healthy smile! Along with daily brushing and flossing, visiting the dentist every six months for a teeth cleaning and dental exam can help you keep your teeth happy.

Every time you visit our office for a dental exam, we evaluate your smile with a thorough examination. This typically involves taking x-rays and checking your mouth for infection. We look for gum disease, which can put your oral health at risk. We also gently clean your teeth, removing plaque and tartar deposits and polishing your smile. When plaque is allowed to accumulate over time, it can lead to gum infections and cavities. Brushing and flossing daily and having a deeper cleaning at the dentist every six months can help keep plaque at bay! Besides, if your smile does need additional service, it is best to catch the problem early.

Our dentists at Advanced Dental are pleased to be your resource for quality dental services. We are passionate about helping our patients reach their goals and achieve optimal oral health. A few, simple habits can keep your smile healthy for years to come! Call our office at 507-345-1284 if you have questions about how to care your family’s smiles and to schedule your next teeth cleaning in Mankato, Minnesota.

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