Dental Facts and Findings on Jaw and Facial Pain Treatments

If you routinely suffer from jaw and facial pain, it could be the result of numerous issues in and around your head. A thorough exam by your dentist will be necessary to determine if it is indeed the result of your teeth or an underlying condition within your head. To understand the possible causes of jaw and facial pain, your dentist will be able to provide the diagnosis through a comprehensive examination.

If you routinely suffer from jaw and facial pain, it could be linked to underlying issues. Facial and jaw pain is difficult to diagnose because there are numerous causes that can lead to it. Oftentimes, it will require a thorough exam from your dentist to determine the exact cause. Common causes of jaw and facial pain can include toothaches, infections, arthritis, injury, sinus issues, bruxism, periodontal disease and even TMJ disorders.

If you are suffering from jaw and facial pain, there are several treatments to help you. Your dentist can customize a mouth protector for you to help guard your teeth as well as prescribe muscle relaxants, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory drugs. Various exercises have also been proven beneficial for treating jaw and facial pain. In some cases, root canals or tooth extractions may be required.

If you would like to know if you require treatments for jaw and facial pain, please schedule an oral exam with Dr. Kevin Torbenson and Dr. Drew Neumannand at Advanced Dental at our dentist office in Mankato, Minnesota, by calling us at 507-345-1284.

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