What To Do When You Lose a Tooth

Losing a tooth is an alarming experience. It is possible at times to put the tooth back in place after it has been knocked out. Keep in mind that there is no guarantee that it can be successfully implanted, but the chances are increased if you do the following.

Take a good look at the tooth to make sure that it is intact. Look at the crown and the root to see if the entire tooth is there and isn’t damaged. But when you are inspecting the tooth, take special care to handle it only by the crown. Do not touch the roots!

The tooth may have gotten dirty when it fell out- if that is the case, clean it by rinsing it off in a bowl of lukewarm water for 10 seconds. You might be able to put it back in the socket yourself. You should place it in the socket and then bite down gently on some gauze or piece of moist paper towel . If it goes back in, that doesn’t mean you’re done and everything is fine. You will still need to make an appointment to see Dr. Kevin Torbenson or Dr. Drew Neumann at Advanced Dental as soon as possible. If you look at the socket and can see a sharp surface there, part of the root may still be in the socket, That increases the chances of a successful replant, if you are able to get to the dentist within two hours.

If you can’t put your tooth back in the socket by yourself, you can place it in some milk, a saltwater solution, your own saliva, or you can hold it in your mouth until you can get to the dentist. There are some commercial products that can preserve a tooth. If you can’t get in to see us, go directly to the emergency room.

If the tooth cannot be saved, don’t despair. There are plenty of other options available for replacing missing teeth, and our team here at Advanced Dental in Mankato, Minnesota will be happy to help you. If you are dealing with a lost tooth or just need a cleaning and exam, call us today at 507-345-1284.

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